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Denim Sizing and Information

KanCan Sizing:

100% Cotton Denim:

100% Cotton Denim have zero stretch fabric. Because there is no stretch fabrication, cotton threads tend to expand themselves and never go back to the same size they were before. This type of denim will ALWAYS stretch out. We recommend following the care instructions on our 100% Cotton denim. From personal experience, if your 100% denim stretches out, you can wash and dry them on hot and it will temporarily shrink them. 

Denim Stretch Fabrics (Rayon, Spandex, Polyester Blends):

Most of our denim carried at Penny Layne Boutique are cotton with a blend of stretch fabrics. These types of denim tend to be very stretchy, providing the most comfort. 


* If you are unsure of what size you will wear or have any questions before purchasing, please contact Please allow 24-48 hours a response!

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